These Images have Google links to folders on papers we have previously written.  Inside you’ll find documents on  breeding studies, a cattle management “text book”, Companion crops, chemistry, understanding soil samples and more. Although most of it is still in draft form, there’s some good info in there…

Using techniques popularized by Allan Savory, Jim Elizondo and Johann Zietsman. We are rotating cattle using holistic practices, which help restore grasslands and bring back biodiversity. 

Through natural decompositions, we are able to make fertilizers and feeds from byproducts of what is already on the farm.

Soil is the soul of the earth, by creating more nutrition through understanding our soil samples, we can provide what the soil is looking for.


By sharing our ideas we can get further along with regenerative agriculture. This is an area to be free about methods, feeds, videos, etc.. so we can collaborate on future ideas. (coming soon)

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Current work

Conserve Heritage breeds of livestock and poultry

“Passage zones” for animals and plant species

Regenerative Cattle Grazing

Educational music festival

Create our own Fertilizers and run tests

World Save Wednesdays – social event

Connect with indigenous groups

Heirloom and Organic Seed spreading

Studying unconventional farm methods for insect populations

What have we done?

Ran a farm with 400 head of cattle

Won 2nd place in the “Vermont Headies” for our hemp flower

Grown over 4000 plants while helping manage a second farm with 8000 plants.

Started “World Save Wednesdays” where we scholars meet up and discuss ways to better the world

built a library with over 5+GB of data

written numerous papers

successfully implemented a system of rotating cover crops to build up soil nutrients

Create fertilizers and feeds from byproducts already present on the farm

Educate the community on holistic sustainable living

Future plans:

Get on stage at UNFCCC’s COP, Geneva Conference, & others

Heal 1000’s of acres of farmland

help the earths waters run clean

Connect with indigenous groups and learn from them

Host large workshops being on the forefront of regenerative systems

create an eco-village with a trade school

Use AI systems to implement new technology on farms, research old books, and create books

Help biodiversity thrive

connect with you!